Pan Tilt Caracal - Superior

Every benefit of the CARACAL land module, now adapted to aerial use.

Whether used on an aerostat, hot air balloon or drone, the Caracal-Superior is ultra-light and allows complete and precise control even in the air.


General Specification

Shape   L - Shape
Dimensions L x W x H [mm] 345x 143x 371
Self Mass [kg] ~10.5
Payload mass (balanced) [kg] 15
Payload Type   Antenna, Camera, Satellite
Operation Temperature [Co] (-40) - (+55)
Storage Temperature [Co] (-40) - (+70)
Humidity [%] 95
Environmental Protection   IP65
Electrical Parameters
Supply Voltage [V]  48
Nomical Current Consumption [A] 8
Max Current Consumption [A] 20
Motion Control
Yaw Movement [deg] N x 360o (Continuous with Slipring) or Upto 345o (without Slipring)
Pitch Movement [deg] Up to 360o (Payload dependent)
Max Acceleration [deg/sec2] 150
Max Speed (balanced) [deg/sec] 0.1-90
Resolution [deg] 0.0013 / 0.000036
Accuracy [deg] ±0.01
Position Encoder Type - Absolute / Incremental
Stabilization Accuracy [deg] ±0.1
Stabilization Sensor   FOG
GPS  [UTM / LLA]  GPS Position & Heading data at both UTM & LLA formats
GPS Stabilization by Datum point [deg] ±0.1
Communication Protocol  

- Ethernet - TCP

- RS-232

- RS-422

- RS-485 / Pelco-D