Pan Tilt Caracal - High Performance

Caracal ,High Performance,  is the perfect solution for all your portable field communication needs.

This easy weight unit was designed especially to cover all field communication needs. The size to weight ratio allows it to carry especially heavy antennas without compromising on precision.


General Specification

Shape   L - Shape
Dimensions L x W x H [mm] 345x 143x 371
Self Mass [kg] ~10.5
Payload mass (balanced) [kg] 25
Payload Type   Antenna, Camera, Radar, Satellite
Operation Temperature [Co] (-40) - (+55)
Storage Temperature [Co] (-40) - (+70)
Humidity [%] 95
Environmental Protection   IP65
Electrical Parameters
Supply Voltage [V]  36
Nomical Current Consumption [A] 6
Max Current Consumption [A] 10
Motion Control
Yaw Movement [deg] N x 360o (Continuous with Slipring) or Upto 345o (without Slipring)
Pitch Movement [deg] Up to 360o (Payload dependent)
Max Acceleration [deg/sec2] 100
Max Speed (balanced) [deg/sec] 0.1-40
Resolution [deg] 0.0013 / 0.000036
Accuracy [deg] ±0.01
Position Encoder Type - Absolute / Incremental
Stabilization Accuracy [deg] ±0.5
Stabilization Sensor   IMU / FOG
GPS  [UTM / LLA]  GPS Position & Heading data at both UTM & LLA formats
GPS Stabilization by Datum point [deg] ±0.5
Communication Protocol  

- Ethernet - TCP

- Rs-232

- RS-422

- Rs-485 / Pelco-D