CAPTURE Systems was built as a boutique company that develops unique high quality security products. We create a variety of innovative solutions, by thinking unconventionally. We are always concerned with clients' desires and needs, as well as living up to the highest set of standards. We design reliable, accurate and durable pedestals and are committed to surpassing the harshest quality standards in our field, while giving our clients a personal service from beginning to end.

That is why at CAPTURE Systems we reinvented the world of pedestals with a wide range of creative and flexible solutions that fit themselves like a glove to any civil, sea, air or land situation while upholding to the highest standard of regulation.

We believe in a simple and intuitive user interface in all of our systems. We are aligned with the most modern UX/UI, making our systems intuitive and clear, so every one of our clients can get the most of it at any situation.

We will push forward in order to keep leading the industry with more conceptual planning, innovative design and unique products every day.

Best Regards,

Shay Geva