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About Capture Systems

Capture Systems

Capture Systems specializes in design, development and production of advanced modular multi axial positioners that can be used for a wide range of fields and applications such as: Homeland Security, Commercial, Industrial, Satcom, and Military uses (air, land or sea).

Our expertise lays in developing flexible and dedicated solutions upon customers' requests, which can empower their system's abilities in any field or environment!

Our Products

Capture Products

Capture Systems is a world leading manufacturer of Pan & Tilt positioners.
Our products are used worldwide on a wide variety of Defence, Homeland Security (HLS) and Industrial missions.
The company has developed some of the most innovative and state-of-the-art positioners available today, and our products have excellent reliability, a long service life and first-rate adaptation to the toughest conditions of use.
Capture’s headquarters are situated in Petach Tikva, in Israel’s center.


Capture News

Army Recognition ISDEF2019
 Monch ISDEF2019

Capture Systems Vision

Capture Vision
To be the Center of Excellence at the forefront of motion technology in the development of cutting edge competitive solutions while adhering to innovation, resilience and determination, hence become the center of attraction for subject matter experts.
To be a profitable and growing activity, identifying and maximizing potential markets and opportunities, while collaborating with local and global agencies to leverage business success.
To be the leading center and breeding ground nationally and worlwide in the realm of motion control defence applications. Developing and manufacturing motion control solutions for land, air and sea missions.

Capture Systems Core Capabilities

Capture Core Capabilities

The Technology Behind Capture

Capture Code

Cap-Track Controller

Control Software and Hardware that collaborates all of our knowledge in motion control systems.
Our control mechanism is designed to provide the interface between the user application and the gimbal.
Capture Cogwheel


'State Of The Art' gimbal system that can be modified to maximum motion precision, high speeds and torque. Thermally treated castings, internal wire routing through a slipring, robust units with low self-elasticity, and high resolution encoders – are among the reasons our products stand out in quality.
Capture Gimbal


Gimbals are not just motors with hinges. Modern gimbals have an internal computing unit, motion sensors, and a wealth of knowledge in complex and integrated electromechanics. Gimbals must meet a wide range of operating and performance requirements.
Contact Information
Head Office
Capture Systems
6 Ravnitzki st. Petach-Tikva, Israel
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Capture LinkedIn
Capture LinkedIn
USA Manufacture
Marine Electric Systems
80 Wesley St, South Hackensack, NJ 07606
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